by Lennox MacDuff

	I still remember the first time I saw her.  You know, I always
thought it was corny when people would say "It seems like it was only 
yesterday," but in this case it really does.
	It was back when I was living down south.  There was this 
winter dance at my high school.  Well, I didnít plan on going.  But 
then, at the last moment, on an impulse I got dressed and went.
	I didnít know that many people, being new to the area, so I 
really just wandered around.  I did have one good friend back then, 
though.  His name was Steve, and it just so happened that he wasnít 
there.  I decided that Iíd give him a call, so that we could at least
wander around together.
	I went up to the phones...the dance was downstairs in the 
gym...I went up to the phones and there she was.  She was guarding 
one of the phones because she had just paged a friend and was waiting 
for him to call back.  Well, we chit chatted for a little while, and I
made my call.  Steve wasnít home.  We talked for a little longer, then
I excused myself and went back downstairs.
	I wandered around for a bit more when I felt this tap on my 
shoulder.  I turned around and there she was.  God, she looked great. 
She asked me to dance.  Well, of course I said yes.  We spent the rest
of the night just  dancing and talking.  As the night ended, I 
couldnít bear to let her away, so I gathered every shred of courage I
had and asked her out.  She said yes.
	Donít you love it when they say yes?


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© 1998 Lennox MacDuff